What it’s like being in the grassroots stages of starting a website

How true

This has sort of become a mantra for me. I can’t quite see what the road ahead of me has in store, but I know that what lies beyond is not an illusion I’ve conjured up in my mind. By the time you’re done reading this post, please feel free to share your opinion. Cre8tive is just getting started and everything is moving along very slowly. The team is being assembled so to speak and if any of you have content that you wish to share, please feel free to do so. I’d be happy to get in touch with you and discuss ideas together. WordPress has proven to be a very useful tool. Before I founded Cre8tive, I had learned some Html & Css and my skills are only at the beginner level. WordPress has allowed me to use the preset templates that it comes as well as using my programming knowledge to customize them to my heart’s desire. Cre8tive needs more people to get involved. So far, I’ve already gotten 3 people who wish to join Cre8tive’s cause. We want to create great content, connect creative people, and inspire creativity all throughout the world. This starts with the person next to you, and the people you know. right now, the only people who I’m sure are going to read this post are the friends on facebook who’ve liked my more recent posts. That’s typically about 4-5 people. While that may seem like a waste of time, to me it seems well worth it. I’d rather have 5 loyal readers than a million disloyal readers who only stop by once in a blue moon. Just like Steve Jobs designed his products for creative professionals, we are designing the Cre8tive experience for creative professionals. Right now, Cre8tive is just a simple website. We will work on adding more features. It will become it’s own social network, a social network for creative minds. It will not be generalized like facebook, and it won’t be cluttered with news like twitter. I love social media, but there is nothing that exists out there caters to the creative mind. It’s the person who posts the half-naked selfie that gets the most popularity, rather than the one with the big idea or vision. Needless to say, Facebook has an algorithm known as Edgerank, which determines what you see most on your newsfeed based on your profile’s data and what you view the most while on facebook. Cre8tive will become the social network for visionaries. Visionaries never care about being popular, they care about their ideas coming into reality and making a difference in people’s lives. Please, as our team works on the site feel free to suggest ideas. Don’t be afraid to speak of the changes you wish to see in the world. Feel free to suggest what requires a little more creativity in the world. It can be anything. The more people involved in Cre8tive, the better their lives will be. The more people who get involved in Cre8tive, the more they will be inspired to become creative.

I’ve been putting my heart and soul into this

After all, in order to build a functional website, I’ve got to learn a lot. Various tips for building my resume is something I’ve searched to the point of fanaticism. Though simple, this has been a very long process. A process that started last year, at a point where everything in my life went straight down the toilet. It was during this time that I decided to dig deep and ultimately rebrand myself. In order to market Cre8tive, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best way to learn content marketing. Skills that that I need to work on so that I can add them to my list on my resume. I have to learn SEO fast. Thank god it’s simple and straightforward! SEO on wordpress is a lot more simple because of the customizable preset templates. I want to make this a fun experience for the entire audience. Everything we are putting together is for the creative viewers to enjoy. Some of you may wonder “why start something with big intentions if you don’t have all the pieces together? That’s a lot of trouble!”. Cre8tive itself, is an art project and every art project starts small. As an artist or engineer, you have to plan things out until you know what the final piece will look like, but in reality you don’t really know for sure. You have to work your way to the point where you feel that you’ve actualized your vision. That takes constant adjustments to the artwork itself. In the process, you’ll have to learn new skills, read a few books, travel to a few places, and find new perspectives for how you view things. This is not just limited to the arts. It’s the same for everyone everywhere.

Just to give you a better idea of who we are and who we wish to connect with

Watch apple’s ad, “Think different”.

Or cadillac’s more recent ad “Don’t you dare”

Listen, the people who want to become a part of this cause are exactly like the way the people described themselves in those videos. Creative people will always be viewed as the crazy ones. The ones who think differently. It doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone. That’s not what Cre8tive is all about, but we do want to give those people a place where their ideas can flourish.. Now, anyone who feels the need to comment please feel free.


About the author

Franklin Sami is the founder of Cre8tive. For the past year, he has been studying vigorously. Course in SEO, Content Marketing, Journalism, and Design. After not seeing enough success in sales, Franklin has decided to chase after his true passions in life and founded Cre8tive thereafter.

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