Why there is so much value in creativity(Especially today)…

(Image illustration by Franklin Sami)
What its like when you’re feeling no inspiration or not having any ideas that come to mind.

When I was a kid, most people did not recognize the value of creativity in early childhood.

Growing up, creativity was not something that most people truly valued. Unless they were artists of some kind. Of course, I only speak for myself when I say this. I think the value of this is something that has become very noticeable today. Look at all of the innovative technology that’s been produced by the minds of the visionaries throughout Silicon Valley. I recently became very obsessed with the culture of the valley, and other tech hubs throughout the world. I’ve always been on the more artistic side. Freely expressing myself was something that I felt I could only do with my artwork. It held so much meaning to me, so much so that nothing else mattered to me. As a child, I was happiest working on my illustrations. I would always dream of having a successful career as a graphic novelist, and those dreams would light a fire in me. Those dreams defined(and still do) what I’m all about. Now getting back to what I said about tech hubs. I read Walter Issacson’s bio of Steve Jobs. He is definitely a huge role model to me, and that book is one that I’ve read many times over. That said, I’ve watched many of his interviews, as well as interviews with many of the people who have come to call him a mentor. That book is what introduced me to the culture of the valley. Steve Jobs placed a heavy emphasis on how technology was a form of art. The need to be creative was very high for apple’s engineers. This not only inspired me to get back to my artwork, but it also inspired to seek out other forms of art that I could learn to create as well. Cre8tive is a great example of this. This is challenging for sure, and we need people. Followers and team members alike. I couldn’t have made it any clearer than I have in my previous post.

(Image illustration by Franklin Sami)
Now I’m feeling creative.

New doors will begin to open when your creativity starts to flourish.

I watched this Ted talk with Daniel Pink, “The Puzzle Of Motivation”. The second half of the talk was particularly interesting to me. What intrinsic motivation is and how important it is today. See for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Here’s a definition of intrinsic motivation that I’ve found on google. “Intrinsic motivation refers to behavior that is driven by internal rewards. In other words, the motivation to engage in a behavior arises from within the individual because it is intrinsically rewarding”. Now, some of you may wonder how the subject of intrinsic motivation is related to the value of creativity. I’ll explain, and I’ll explain it clearly. Intrinsic motivation feeds your creativity. When your work is based on your internal desires, it’s based on what your passions are. That said, when your passions are what motivate you, ideas begin to grow. You become inspired to do more, to work harder, and to master your craft. You wake up feeling energized by your ideas which stem from your passions. Ideas that can only be born from your intrinsic motivation. I did not dream of becoming a Designer or SEO as a kid, but because of my passion for expressing myself through what I create, these desires were born. They serve as other outlets for my creative passion. Another way for me to create great content. You see where I’m going with this? I had this teacher in grade school who hated me in the worse way. In fact, I had many teachers who hated me in the worse way. It’s because the only thing I did in class was draw all day. I was not a loud mouth, I was not a fighter, as a matter of fact, I was one of the quietest and most well behaved students. Grade school was great and all, but I had never felt more free than I did when I was driven by an intrinsic motivation to write & draw. This is the problem I’ve seen in corporations and class rooms. You are managed by your boss or your teacher, rather than being self-directed. Now of course, I understand that management is still a very useful tool, but I believe it can only work if it’s used in combination with self-direction. After all, your employer is paying you to produce, and if you always did everything you wanted, you’d probably be the only one to benefit but I digress.

About the author

Franklin Sami is the founder of Cre8tive. For the past year, he has been studying vigorously. Course in SEO, Content Marketing, Journalism, and Design. After not seeing enough success in sales, Franklin has decided to chase after his true passions in life and founded Cre8tive thereafter.

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