3 Things you didn’t know about that will pull you away from your dreams.

Some say that your dreams are a gift from God. Setting out to achieve your goals is not easy and there will be distractions along the way.

The ability to focus without letting something else get in your way is easier said than done. In your lifetime, you’ll come across a lot of things and you will experience a lot of success and failure whether you like it or not. That has been the case for me many times over and thanks to that, there is information that I can share with each of you that will prove to be very useful.

1.Network Marketing

Everyone is selling their soul and giving all of their money just to reach a pinnacle that never existed. They work harder and harder and harder only to be stepped on by the people they look up to, all while smiling a fake practiced smile.

Network Marketing companies are all pyramid schemes that will never help you accomplish your dreams. In my last article I had shed some light on my experience there. Yes, I was one of those brainwashed lunatic distributors who did whatever he was told. It cost me a few years and everything I was worth, along with a few friends too. It was a very traumatizing experience. The biggest network marketing scams that I know of would be Amway, Herbalife, and Primerica. They are also known as multilevel marketing(or mlm) companies as well. That said, here’s why I started this list off with pyramid schemes like Amway. Some of these sinister distributors are more intelligent than you would expect. They use cult tactics to recruit people into their scam. Many of them read Dale Carnegie books, or others similar to it in order to improve their ability to communicate with people. They focus on recruiting strong people and in the network marketing business this would mean high level professionals like attorneys, corporate executives, or real entrepreneurs. I was just an average Joe at the time and metaphorically speaking, I fell off my feet. I knew I needed to do something with myself and I needed to do something fast. At this point in time, I was in my early 20’s and I lost my job too. College was just around the corner for me, but it was in San Francisco(I live in NJ) and I didn’t have enough money to get there. An old acquaintance from grade school reached out to me pitching some great “business opportunity”. He told me that his “business partners” had a need for my artistic talent in their organization. I met the people who had some credibility and believed what they told me. So, $800 later I was a certified “business owner”. I was supplied with ridiculously expensive consumables which my mother already supplied me with(I just hit my 20’s, still lived at home lol), and I was also “plugged into” their “education system”. That system consisted of membership to a website with a bunch of videos that gave no real information, a bookstore, and an audio store. I would listen on and on to these audios and in each of them, it would just be one of their top guys bragging about money they didn’t have and lifestyles they didn’t live. Then there were the weekly meetings and major brainwashing functions that they would carry out every three months. Grown men would be at these events crying their eyeballs out, and me included. Everybody would chant phrases pledging their loyalty to their “leaders”. My dream has always been to make graphic novels. Of course, that’s branched off into other creative areas, but I digress. I’ve always been an artist, and that was a part of me that was completely and utterly unacceptable. I was often told to adopt the mindset of the leadership because they were richer than me. My “old” way of thinking is what got me into the mess that I was in to begin with.

Now, I want you to sit back and think on this for a second. I was 21 years old, living at home with my mom and getting ready for college. Really, what mess could I have gotten myself into if I didn’t even get the chance to start my life yet?

In the end, they successfully brainwashed me. Years went by, and I began to try my hardest to think like my upline(the people above me) and I would follow my recruiter everywhere. The person who recruited me was a particularly spoiled brat who wanted to control every part of my life. He would often laugh at my dreams, literally telling me that they were a waste.

This is the nature of your relationship with the people above you, and below you.

This guy truly believed that he thought differently from the rest of the world, while at the same time he was living in his mother’s basement and his mother was supplying him with everything he owned. Clothes, car, medical, dental, and much, much more. I on the other hand, had already managed to live on my own and did pretty well as a salesman. The problem was that 90% of my income funded my supposed “business” when really, all I was doing was buying their products, books, and audios which only filled their pockets. It took losing everything I had for me to see who they truly are. I was cut off and ignored. Whenever they saw me, I was treated with a great degree of disgust. As painful as my network marketing experience was, it had forced me to dive back into my true creative passions. I found real mentors and learned a lot about real business principles. So far, I’ve learned two programming languages and I’m continuing to learn more. I’ve gone back to being my true self, and I will never waste time trying to become someone else ever again. When you get someone approaching you with an “opportunity” be sure to keep what I’ve said in mind. There’s a woman known as Anna Banana who’s been running a blog called “Married to an Ambot” where she talks about her nightmare in the grandaddy of all MLMs, Amway. She explains how they use techniques called lovebombing to control their victims. Basically, lovebombing is when they throw the deepest most sentimental compliments to you. They will also perform various acts of kindness and get as deep into your personal life as possible to the point where it can be overbearing. In the beginning, it was nice for me because it seemed sincere, and I fell for it because I was at a low point. After they showered you with so much love, they begin the process of tearing your life apart. “You’re friends are a distraction to your success!” if they’re not on board, “You can’t be double-minded, this is the only path to accomplish your dreams!” “Why would you waste time and money on an education when you’ve got this?” These were statements that were often said to me after they earned my complete trust and admiration. I felt torn apart, and when I began to speak of my true passions before I left I was told that it was selfish and that I’d never make as much money as I would with them. Keep in mind that 6 years have passed and I suffered many losses and gained nothing but a false sense of confidence. That is what brought me back to my senses. It was at this point that I began to see the lies behind their principles. I got closer to the higher level people above me, and I saw that they were even more corrupt than my spoiled recruiter. They took pride in their ability to deceive me and would often rub it in. One guy convinced me to become his tenant, and rented out the cheapest room available. It was through very subtle suggestion and the room was the size of a postage stamp. He would frequently laugh in my face at the size of my room and would walk in whenever he felt like it. A truly disrespectful person. Check out this blog post from Anna Banana, where I shared vivid details of my story. It’s quite recent too and well, let’s just say I was rather vulgar in my comments. Basically, her blog is all about cursing out and exposing the evil of MLMs, specifically Amway. I’m able to pursue my dreams today, but there are others who are so traumatized by their MLM experience. The world should know about this kind of corruption and I can’t sit back and enjoy my life while there are people getting scammed by MLMs and having their lives destroyed. It comes from a strong sense of morality and a strong sense of justice that I’ve always had.

On the Last Week Tonight show, John Oliver made a hilarious video bashing MLMs altogether, you should give this a look too.

2.Bad Environment

Something that I feel applies everywhere.

This can be a bad environment at work, at home, and it can consist of bad friendships you keep holding onto. If you’re somebody who keeps poor company, you need to change that fast. Low quality friends will always band together to bring you down. Here is how I define a low quality friend, “someone who makes an effort to embarrass you, and bring you down” It does not make you a bad person to cut off a poisonous friendship. If you are unhappy with your job, you should also change that fast as well. Your work will take up a very large piece of your life, so make sure that it is something that you enjoy and something that is meaningful. Life is short, so you have to keep yourself occupied with what brings joy, meaning, and demands your attention. When I talked about my MLM nightmare, it was very clear that this was the case for me. I was surrounded by people who didn’t really care about my well being. Everything that I did had only protected their interests and their dreams but never my own. Even before and after that, I had many friends and coworkers who were no different. On the contrary, there were friends who were loyal to me, despite the fact that I walked out on them. That is how I define a true friend “someone who has your back no matter what”. That said, there are other factors that can contribute to this principle. For example, who you look up to can have a very powerful impact on how you see the world. It can also have a heavy impact on the person you become, so be careful. A lot of people will try their best to use you for their own agenda. It does not matter how strong you are because eventually these things can begin to weigh in on you, and you will change whether you like it or not. That’s why it is important to keep positive mentorship in your life, and to be careful with whom you allow to get very close to you.

3.What you’re wearing, and how you look.

Something I learned the hard way. Nothing’s wrong with how you dress, just make sure it matches where you’re trying to place yourself. For example, wear a suit to a job interview but not when you’re just hanging out with your buddies.

When you look good you feel better and I especially speak for myself when I say this. I always find it funny when people tell me that I like to dress up too much.

What You wear and how you dress says a lot about you, and what you wear affects how you act.

A business colleague of mine told me that he can imagine me being into fashion and what not, just because I wear very particular shirts from time to time. I am a web & graphic designer, and though I’m not a fashion designer the principles are very similar. When I choose what to wear, I make sure that what I wear communicates my values. It’s the same when I designed the Cre8tive logo.

Just get another good look at it.

I choose the design of how I look and what I wear very carefully so that they all make an accurate statement for who I am and how I’m feeling. These small things determine the first impression you make for every person you will meet in your life. It’s as the old saying goes, “You cannot make a second first impression”. I would also like to clarify that I am not saying to live your life based on how you feel about the unprofessional opinions of other people. Always be true to yourself, otherwise you’ll never be happy. This is something that I continue to work on a daily basis. Just because I am writing this post does not mean I’m an expert. Like every other human being on the planet I still have my own insecurities.

Feel free to share some things you’ve experienced

I started Cre8tive with the desire to connect with like minded people. I Would love to hear your opinions and your advice on other potential distractions. Afterall, Cre8tive is still in it’s early stages and there’s so much to be done. The team is growing, and great content is on it’s way, slowly but surely.

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