Art & Technology

What’s the connection between the two?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. There are some blog posts I published but never even finished. Plans I made but never acted upon. Goals I missed. We all hit a slump in our lives regardless of rank or position. It’s when you hit a slump that you begin to really analyze details. That’s because life begins to slow down. There’s not much that you can see when moving too fast. When you slow down, you start to notice things that you never really noticed before. Whether it’s finding out who your true friends are, or realizing that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

Moving on.

I wanted to write a blog post about art and technology. These are two areas I am particularly passionate about. Mainly because of the freedom and self expression they both carry with them. Most techies I have met tend to be more left brained than right. That means they are usually more analytical and less creative. When relying on their right brain thinking, the engineer is someone who is just as creative as any other artist out there. After all, the process of a successful engineer is no different than that of the artist, in my opinion. These are literally the steps they both follow on any project:

  1. Visualization of an idea.
  2. Bring the idea to life.

For an engineer it’s a little more complicated than that. Then again, the entire process of creating a masterpiece of art (depending on what your standard is) can be rather complicated as well. Da Vinci was very mathematical in his method of painting. He applied scientific principles for his artwork and applied artistic principles when it came to the devices he engineered. CEO and founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has a passion for the arts and views programming as an art and a craft. He often compares being CEO to being the director of a play or film. Stating that just like any director, the CEO has to find a good cast or in business terms good staff in order to create an excellent play (or company). I’m not trying to become the next big tech CEO like many other founders out there. I am an artist first and foremost, and aspiring entrepreneur second. I work with limited resources and figure things out as I go.

In order to truly achieve anything, one must read and do as much research as possible

That pic is a screenshot of my google play books. It’s all research for a cyberpunk story that I am currently writing a synopsis for. I’ve had the idea for this story for over a year now, but this is not what I’m going to write about here. The book at the very top is William Gibson’s Neuromancer. It’s been serving a huge inspiration for my passion for tech. It’s been said that life imitates art. All of the technology that we are seeing in the world today are proof of that. Just look up Alphabet’s Alice, Bob, and Eve programs or search “human augmentation” on youtube. I won’t go into the dangers behind the technology I just mentioned, but I will say how amazing it is to see what our imagination can conjure up and how people can bring these things to life. What’s also amazing is what inspires people to create this technology. Typically science fiction novel or other medium. Napoleon Hill once said that whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can also achieve.

About the author

I am the founder of Cre8tive and will be attending the New York Code and Design Academy this March. I founded Cre8tive with the goal of networking with creative minds, publishing content, and inspiring creativity in others.

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