Franklin Sami

Meet the founder



Hi, my specialties are listed below. I mainly work with small businesses. As you can see, my profile page serves to introduce my skills as a freelance designer while the website which I have personally designed serves a much greater purpose. I look forward to doing business with all prospective clients. The mission is the same no matter what I do. Create, Connect, Inspire. That said, as outrageous of a goal it may sound to viewers, I’d like to use this profile for my resume rather than the typical linkedin page.

Skills & Services

  • SEO/Content Marketing.
  • Illustration & Design, utilizing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Draw.
  • Html/Css.
  • Working knowledge of CMS tools such as WordPress.
  • Check out my Linkedin profile, which has a more detailed description of my career so far.

Contact Information